Thoughts on Rishiri kelp

I’m Makoto Kaminari, a fisherman from Rishiri Island, the northernmost remote island in Japan!

Nice to meet you all! It has been 28 years since I inherited the house in 1990. For many years, I have been fishing for water octopus fishing, hockey sting net fishing, tuna fishing fishing, and hair crab and tarabagani special fishing net fishing with a fishing boat of about 5 tons, but at the milestone of the 20th year, I paid attention to the cultured kelp fishing that my father was doing, and since 6 or 7 years ago, I have been fishing for sea urchins mainly through cultured kelp fishing. I am a countryman who has never left the island and lived, but thank you everyone!!

Rishiri Island is Such a Place!

In the north of the Japan Sea, there is Rishiri Fuji, a 1,700m-class mountain, and Rishiri Island is an island that looks like it floats in the air. It is also called "Floating Island of Dreams".

It is also famous as a mountain that can be climbed from 0 m above sea level by mountaineers, and it is said that it is an island like no other in the world, let alone Japan. In the lush surroundings, the island is surrounded by sky blue in summer. The environment in the sea is also very good, and the snowmelt accumulated in the mountains contains a lot of nutrients from the forest and overflows from the foothills and the seabed over a period of about 30 years, so it has built a rich fishing ground. Growing up in such an environment is the high-grade Rishiri kelp that everyone knows.

I want to protect the broth of Japan.