Why, in the restaurant etc. Is Rishiri kelp handled?

Rishiri kelp is mainly used in high-end kappo shops and the Kansai region.

The characteristic of Rishiri kelp is that the broth does not become turbid.
The crystal clear broth has been loved for its sparkling and elegant Kyoto cuisine.
If the culture of eating kelp in the Kanto region, the culture of Kansai is a culture of taking broth with kelp.
Due to this cultural difference, Rishiri kelp is highly valued and continues to be used, mainly in Kansai restaurants.

It has a salty taste and is the perfect kelp to take broth

Rishiri kelp can be boiled or drained to make broth. Please try it according to the compatibility with the ingredients. Both clear broth have an elegant taste.

Rishiri kelp, which is lumped together, actually has various flavors depending on the region where it can be taken.
The kelp introduced in our shop is the highest grade Rishiri kelp collected by the fisherman "Makoto Kaminari" himself of Rishiri Island.

Rishiri Kelp Elegant broth High-grade kelp